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We look forward to working together to stop your arthritis so you can be as healthy and active as possible. With our specialized treatment you can reach your goals and the life you've been missing.

Natalie A. - Lindstrom, Michigan

Natalie's symptoms began at age 24 months. At age 32 months an examination indicated that she had iritis, arthritis of the eye, and active arthritis in her left knee. It was advised that she would need continuous ongoing casts, drainage of fluid from her knee by arthrocentesis surgery under general anesthesia, and be given a permanent plastic splint. On bad days she wouldn't get up out of bed until late in the day.

She began the Holistic Balanced Treatment May 10th. On June 13th, she had had no complaints for a week and liked to take her treatment by herself. On July 8th, her doctor advised that she was in complete remission. In January, her relief of symptoms continued without treatment. Subsequent reports indicate normal growth patterns without symptoms of the arthritis.

Natalie Initial Visit (1)
Initial Visit
Natalie Initial Visit (2)
Initial Visit
Natalie 1 Year Later
1 Year Later
Natalie 2 Years Later
2 Years Later

Herbert P.

Herbert, a German speaking man, was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in his knees, shoulders, lumbar spine, degenerative disc disease in his neck, and Osteoporosis related to the Spondylosis in his neck, low spine, and hips. He couldn't walk or do daily activities. A month after beginning treatment, his pain was much less. He was walking and doing home repairs. He continued to be active with less or no treatment.

He continues to be active, taking treatment as needed.

Herbert Initial Visit (1)
Initial Visit
Herbert Initial Visit (2)
Initial Visit
Herber Later (1)
Herbert Later (2)

Carol D. - Los Angeles, CA

Carol developed arthritis after experiencing severe emotinal stress. And she was unable to pursue her career in Human Resources.

She came to our office complaining of severe pain and stiffness that kept her in bed unable to join her family and friends in activities. She stuggled out of the chair and walked slowly to see our doctor. She took her first dose of medication, swallowed it, and rose easily out of the chair, stood straight and walked out of the room to get her brother. He told us that she walked up the stairs rather than take the elevator. A few days later, she called and mentioned that her ankle was sore. She felt it was probably from dancing too much. The salsa is her favorite.

She is eager to talk to people about this Treatment and did so in writing the following article for her church's monthly newsletter:

Original Article "Lord, take my life or give it back" by carol d.

For the past seven years I have suffered with rheumatoid arthritis. At first the pain would come and go; however, during the last year the pain has been close to unbearable. My continuing prayer became "Lord, take my life or give it back." The Lord has answered my prayer by giving my life back through a natural treatment called "Holistic Balanced Treatment" or HBT. As this is written, I have been on HBT for two weeks and, praise God, I am feeling great. After my testimony on August 28, many of you asked me for information about HBT. Therefore, I am providing the following information.

HBT was developed in 1961 by Robert Liefmann, M.D., who believed that people with arthritis suffered from a hormonal imbalance, which can be corrected by the proper combination of hormone replacement. These hormones are taken regularly, via drops in the mouth. Just as insulin injections create proper balance for the diabetic, HBT creates the proper hormonal balance for arthritis sufferers.

The Arthritis Foundation, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and several State Medical Societies have made an extensive search for reports of adverse effects or poor results, including serious side effects, from HBT. Thus far they have found no evidence that this therapy is, in any way, detrimental to humans.

The only place to receive HBT is at the Arthritis Consulting Services in Florida. You must make an appointment with them. Afterwards they will work with your local doctor for continued care.

Please note that I am not advocating or recommending HBT I am only testifying that it has worked for me and that I believe it has been a direct answer to my prayers.

Thank, you Brinklow for all of your love, support and prayers.

D., Carol (1999). "Lord, take my life or give it back." (Monthly church newsletter), September 1999, p.4

GINGER D. - Princeton, NJ (Age at onset of arthritis: 38)

Have your activities changed since taking this treatment?
I can be active again !

Have you had the expenence of being without this treatment?
No, nor do I want to.

For What Reason?
Without it my life as I know it would cease.

Ginger Before
Ginger After

Dear Arthritis Consulting Services:

I came to the Arthritis Consulting Services directly from the Toledo Hospital in Toledo, Ohio, where I had spent 27 days with eight doctors on my case. These were four Rheumatologists, a Neurosurgeon, Neurologist, Interneist and an Orthopedic Surgeon. They said there was nothing more they could do for me.

Upon entering Arthritis Consulting Services, I was unable to move even a finger. I weighed 63 pounds and had no control of my kidneys. Sixteen hours after taking medication the Clinic I was able to move my fingers, and from that time forward there has been a steady improvement. I can now walk and use my hands and now weigh 97 pounds. My previous weight was approximately 100 pounds. I live a relatively normal life after eight months on the medication and am still improving.

I thank God that I was directed to the Arthritis Clinic and wish that all the people who are afflicted with this painful disease had the opportunity to visit the Clinic.


Katharine Initial Visit (1)
Initial Visit
Katharine Initial Visit (1)
Initial Visit
Katharine 8 Months Later
8 Months Later
Katharine 14 Months Later
14 Months Later

"I feel great. Without this treatment, I get tired and draggy. Now I get so busy I forget doses. I appreciate feeling great."
Dr. L.L. A. - Age at onset of arthritis: 45

"I have no pain what-so-ever. I am very busy, gardening, babysitting and sewing. This treatment is amazing. I was helpless."
Rudene B. - Age at onset of arthritis: 40

"This treatment is a beautiful blessing. The results have been wonderful."
Carl D. - Age at onset of arthritis: 55

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