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In our practice we have been highly successful in controlling the symptoms of arthritis with the Holistic Balanced Treatment. Some investigators in the field of rheumatology believe that aspirin and the corticoid derivatives (cortisone for example) are the drugs of choice in the treatment of arthritis. However, our method has important advantages over the many shortcomings of these two kinds of drugs. These drugs are primarily painkillers and do not stop the progression of the disease. Aspirin can cause ulcers and diminish the ability of the blood to clot. Cortisone can be dangerous and may cause reduced ability to fight infection, wasting of the muscles and bones and life-long addiction to the drug.

The more than 100 varieties of arthritis, including the most common ones— osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout—all cause the destruction and wasting of bone, muscle tissue and cartilage. Some cases become systematic, that is, the disease spreads to all the connective structures in the body, including the skin, tendons and ligaments. If unchecked, arthritis can disfigure, dislocate the bones and cripple the limbs.

A complete treatment aims not only at stopping inflammation, which causes the pain, heat, redness, and swelling, but also restores the positive anabolic (protein-building) balance in the body that is necessary for the regeneration of these injured tissues. The present approach of many medical investigators is to concentrate on forms of aspirin and corticoid derivatives to reduce the inflammation and mask the pain. These drugs do nothing for the rest of the body, They may stop the destruction of tissue, but they cannot rebuild it.

We have had a high rate of success with a unique threefold approach which treats the whole patient and not just the joints. First, it is necessary to stop the inflammation, but most important of all, an effective treatment must ensure the build-up of protein tissues such as bone, muscle and cartilage. This build-up is achieved by restoring the body's hormone balance. Second, we recommend the use of supplemental nutrients as well as a healthful diet to aid regeneration, These supplements may include the following: protein, bone meal, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin D, and potassium. Bone meal contains the calcium for strong bones, vitamin D allows the body to make proper use of the calcium, and the whole spectrum of B vitamins is necessary for overall health. The diet eliminates the intake of sugar, and fats are restricted in most cases. Third, a program or simple exercises is started when the pain has been reduced. Exercises are important to prevent deformities, restore mobility and to help stimulate tissue regeneration. The therapy stops joint destruction and starts to control arthritis quickly. The ingredients that make this treatment so effective are prednisone, testosterone and estradiol. Prednisone is the powerful anti-inflammatory pain-killing hormone. Like cortisone used alone, prednisone is catabolic. That means it achieves its good results with one side effect—it eats away tissues. So the two anabolic (tissue-building) hormones are added—testosterone and estradiol. In the right proportions, the three balance one another and are specifically designed to do the three things any successful treatment should do—reduce the inflammation and pain and help re-build tissues.

Cortisone cannot re-build tissues. Being catabolic it reduces the symptoms but destroys tissues as well. Cortisone and aspirin are painkillers and do not control the disease. They give the patient a false sense of security because the patient believes the disease has stopped when in fact it continues to progress but he doesn't feel the pain. In most forms of the disease the bones become weak, muscles lose tone, cartilage becomes worn out, the blood vessels become delicate, and the skin may easily break down. Cortisone can accelerate all these problems.

In addition, cortisone and aspirin appear to have a minimal effect on osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of the disease and can be just as crippling as rheumatoid arthritis. Neither cortisone nor any form of aspirin have been effective against ankylosing spondylitis, which cripples its victims by permanently bending the spine forward while fusing all the vertebrae (the spinal joints) together.

The Holistic Balanced Treatment prevents the loss of potassium from the body due to arthritis and previous cortisone therapy. The potassium depletion they cause results in muscle weakness and wasting. For those who have undergone long periods of cortisone therapy additional potassium salts as a diet supplement may be prescribed. When swelling (local accumulation of fluids) is present an imbalance in the amounts of potassium salts in the body may prevent the system from eliminating excess fluids. In these cases large amounts of potassium are given along with diuretics, which promote urination to expel the fluid. Increased fragility of the skin is a common feature of rheumatoid arthritis and may be made worse by taking cortisone. Especially when treated with cortisone, arthritis often makes the skin thinner and weaker, less able to take stress and strain of everyday living. The Holistic Balanced Treatment stimulates the restoration of normal, healthy skin and promotes thickening and healing. Even minor injuries to the skin may result in sores which do not clear up. Regenerating the skin may take several months in cases in which cortisone has been used for a long time. Vitamin C in doses of up to 3 grams may be prescribed as a supplement to speed the healing process. In addition, the Holistic Balanced Treatment has important advantages for those arthritics with gastrointestinal (stomach and intestinal) ulcers. Because the method promotes tissue building these ulcers are not disturbed and begin to heal.

Another problem arthritics frequently face is anemia. Anemia is a condition in which the blood lacks the proper amount of red blood cells and hemoglobin. Anemia means that less oxygen is reaching the cells, and energy production falls off. The patient becomes weak and easily tired. In arthritics the problem is usually a lack of protein or iron, both of which are needed to make hemoglobin. The treatment effectively deals with this problem by restoring the body's natural hormone balance which then makes enough of its own protein.

The Holistic Balanced Treatment has another advantage because smaller amounts of it are as effective as larger doses of other medications. Even more important, the treatment can be gradually reduced without the return of the symptoms in most cases. The Center encourages patients to reduce the amount of medication in steps until only a very small dosage is needed or until the disease goes into remission and none is needed at all.

The practice of injecting rheumatic joints is no longer necessary. This was often done with cortisone in order to get the drug to the place where the physician wanted it. The Holistic Balanced Treatment is far more efficient because it is carried everywhere by the blood stream and works throughout the body. Doctors have noticed that cortisone injections reduce the body's ability to produce new cartilage in that area, thus blocking the re-building of tissue. The Holistic Balanced Treatment works quickly by placing the medication under the tongue for easy entry into the bloodstream.

Children can be speedily helped when the disease is caught early enough. In the past children with arthritis were treated only with aspirin. Some were given cortisone, but this practice has generally stopped because these children often showed stunting of growth and developed obesity. By contrast the Holistic Balanced Treatment often takes only a few weeks to control the symptoms of arthritis and restore normal growth.

Gout is a form of arthritis which can be quickly brought under control with the Holistic Balanced Treatment. More than 1,000,000 people in the United States suffer from gout. This form of arthritis is caused by the formation of uric acid crystals in the joints. These crystals are present in everyone's blood stream, but gout patients have an excess amount. Gout produces the same pain, redness, heat, and swelling that all other forms of arthritis do.

The usual treatment is to take colchicine and Benemid to reduce the amount of uric acid in the blood. Unfortunately, gout may become resistant to these drugs over a period of time, and the symptoms may recur. In these cases the Holistic Balanced Treatment has proven to be very effective when taken in addition to these drugs.

It must be noted that in all cases the physician must adjust the medication of each patient to get an appropriate anabolic response. Several adjustments ma\ be needed for individual variations in endocrine function. When menstrual irregularity exists, other hormones may be added to the treatment. Nutritional balance is also of importance with the stress on high protein, high mineral (usually low sodium), and high vitamin intake. Supplemental medication is used as conditions indicate. Patients who must use other medications, for high blood pressure for example, should continue to take that medication in addition to following the Holistic Balanced Treatment. When this method of treatment is carefully followed no toxic effects are encountered, and recovery is rapid.


Because of the seriousness of the disease it is incumbent upon the medical community and the government to see that the 10 per cent of the population who suffer from arthritis receive prompt and effective treatment to prevent crippling and restore health. The Arthritis Medical Center has always been willing to share its methods and clinical experience with interested professionals. The Center welcomes inquiries from patients and their doctors about the Holistic Balanced Treatment, its use and effectiveness.

Among the clinical observations reported by physicians following the Holistic Balanced Treatment are:
1. Promotion of rapid healing.
2. Effectiveness in combating the problem of protein wasting.
3. Restoration of normal skin weakened by arthritis.
4. Re-mineralization (strengthening) of the bones.
5. Elevation of hemoglobin and red blood cell count in patients suffering from anemia.
6. Improvement or circulation by dilating the small blood vessels and capillaries.
7. Restoration of the patient's normal hormone functioning so that many patients may eventually do without the medication.
Since the therapy is a procedure designed to correct hormone imbalance, a considerable variation must be expected in individual requirements and response. To meet this need, modifications of each hormone may be needed depending upon individual reactions.

The Holistic Balanced Treatment has been effective in many varieties of arthritis considered untreatable with other approaches:
1. Progressive non-remitting rheumatoid arthritis.
2. Marie-Strumpel's spondylitis against which no other form of treatment has much effect including cortisone.
3. Still's disease, the chronic progressive rheumatoid arthritis of childhood. When treated with currently available steroids, children often suffer stunting and deforming obesity.
4. Rheumatoid ophthalmia for which no other treatment has been very effective.
5. Many symptoms of osteoarthritis.

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